Jungle roads, panoramic views and beaches to fall in love with

After our 24 hour journey from Chiang Mai to Koh Chang we were super exhausted but happy and all smiles to be finally at the beach again. Chiang Mai was great with so many things to do and see and we loved our time there however after spending more than 4 weeks in the North we really, REALLY!!! missed the beach and the ocean.

I mean look at THIS gorgeous sunset at White Sand Beach just a stone’s throw from our accommodation which we got to enjoy just an hour after setting foot on the island:

sunset koh chang thailand

Look at this sunset 🙂

The next day we decided to rent a scooter and explore the island a bit. We simply got one from our accommodation directly for 200THB. However, there are many rental shops in town and prices vary between 150 – 300THB per day.

We didn’t do any research of what to do and see when on Koh Chang but a quick look at the map told us everything we needed to know. From our accommodation at White Sand Beach you could simply follow the road which takes you to many other different beaches along the West Coast of Koh Chang with the main ones being: Klong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Lonely Beach and Klong Kloi Beach.

And hey, after all, BEACH TIME was what we signed up for. 🙂 So a day exploring all the other beaches Koh Chang had to offer suited us PERFECTLY!. And off we were on our first scooter adventure on this island. 🙂

If you rented a motorcycle before in Thailand than you will LOVE driving on Koh Chang. The main road running through town at White Sand Beach does not give you the impression that driving here is much of an adventure – it’s this big and wide road with no steep hills or anything worth mentioning but my friends, let me assure you it does get much – MUCH better.

As soon as you leave the White Sand Beach area behind you are in for a treat! That is if you love driving narrow winding jungle roads up and down the hills with spectacular views! Kinda like driving a rollercoaster! 🙂 It was AMAZING!

amazing jungle roads perfect for a scooter ride on Koh Chang along the west coast

Amazing jungle roads winding through Koh Chang

And there were so many cool things to see along the way and in-between all those beautiful beaches. So better have your camera charged and be ready to snap away! 🙂

First off, there is a great viewpoint to your right just before the road leads up into the jungle. From here you can overlook the whole Kai Bae Bay. It’s especially nice in the late afternoon or at sunset so we decided to stop here on our way back home and continued our journey.

Then all of a sudden you’ll find yourself on a road leading right into the jungle with super lush vegetation and it’s not uncommon to spot whole monkey tribes sitting next to the street as if they were the welcome committee – One next to the other just watching us cruise by. It wouldn’t have surprised us if they had started waiving to us! Seriously! So cool!

On your way along the west coast you’ll also pass through those little beach villages that have this total laid-back vibe. Very different from the touristy White Sand Beach area! We decided to stop at Lonely Beach to have a little walk around town and to fuel up on a delicious smoothie – they had those giant smoothies for 50THB, complete vitamin overload, what a power boost!

things to do and see on your scooter tour along the west coast of Koh Chang island

Wild Monkeys, relaxed beach villages and jungle roads

We also had a quick dip in the water at Lonely Beach but as it got cloudy around noon we decided to get going and find a proper place for lunch.

Next on the list was a spontaneous detour for some spectacular views (which we didn’t know at that point 🙂 ). There is a small road leading to a beautiful peninsula if you turn right at a place called Asia Backpackers. This small road leads to some resorts e.g. “Nirwana” :-). We decided to check it out for fun but can highly recommend you do the same as you’ll have some absolutely stunning views of Bang Bao Lighthouse and the Bay with its crystal blue waters if you go all the way to the end (past Nirvana Resort). The road is a bit tricky to get there but the views totally make up for it!!!

stunning views of the lighthouse and Bang Bao Bay

Stunning views of the lighthouse and Bang Bao Bay

We then continued all the way to Klong Kloi Beach which you can either access right from the main road (You might see some taxis parking there) or you keep going as we did following the signs to the “Tropical Beach”. You will basically access the same stretch of beach however with a little detour through a small village on a sandy and rocky road. Not really worth the hassle but it was all part of the fun and our Koh Chang Beach Tour adventure! 🙂

We parked our scooter at Klong Kloi Cottage and went to check out the beach and get some lunch. The beach was absolutely amazing – not too crowded, white sand and a few cool beach bars and restaurants that mainly belong to the small hotels and cottages along the beach but all with a super relaxed vibe.

You won’t find any fancy resorts or beach clubs here (yet!), just some bamboo huts with hammocks to stay overnight only 10-20m from the beach and some colourful wooden beach chairs parked in the sand – this place was right down our alley! We LOVED it here! (Too bad we were only staying for a few days on Koh Chang, otherwise we would have moved here straight away).

Bang Bao Beach on Koh Chang_total beach paradise

Relaxing at Klong Kloi Beach at Bang Bao Bay

After enjoying some fantastic Pad Thai from a place called Bamboo Hut and baking in the sun for another hour it was time to slowly head back to White Sand Beach. Of course not without stopping at the Kai Bea viewpoint for some great shots of Kai Bae Bay and another final beach stop at Klong Prao Beach – it was picture-perfect!

beach action koh chang thailand

Some Fun in the Sun on Koh Chang 🙂 – enjoying Klong Prao Beach

So my friends, even if you are visiting Koh Chang but are not into any tours (from island hopping to cooking classes to jungle trekking – Koh Chang got it all) and you really just want to relax and spend some time at the beach to recharge your batteries you should STILL consider getting a motorbike for a day to explore all the different beaches the west coast has to offer. You won’t regret it!

If you don’t feel like driving and rather want to enjoy some ice cold chang beers from the many beach bars and not worry about a thing (no judging, we totally understand 🙂 ) then you can just hop on one of the white island taxis that regularly run from the main road from one beach to the next – easy breezy!

Either way, you’ll have a great time – guaranteed! Koh Chang: Our jungle – beach paradise!


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