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Our top 6 work-friendly cafés in Canggu, Bali with rice field views and hipster flair

Canggu in Bali is a well-known digital nomad hot spot so in addition to some great (but pricey) co-working spaces you’ll also find a great café scene with some of the best work-friendly cafés we’ve come across on our travels!

As we recently spend over a month again in Canggu, Bali and wanted to test some alternatives to signing up for one of the many co-working spaces in Canggu such as Dojo, Tropical Nomad and Outpost we decided to check out Canggu’s cafés and invest our monthly fee for a co-working membership rather in cakes and coffee! 🙂

So we hopped on our scooter and went on a mission to check out Canggu’s hipstser cafés and find out which of these cafés best fit the requirements of a digital nomad by checking out the views, the prices, the coffee, the athmosphere as well as aaaaaall the amazing food on offer! So after this month we’ve not only gained a couple of pounds from eating too much cakes, smoothie bowls and avocado toasts (#sorrynotsorry) but we’ve also narrowed it down to six cafés which in our eyes are the best work-friendly cafés in Canggu, Bali for digital nomads (and btw these are all great alternatives to a membership at one of the co-working spaces!)

Below we will list our Canggu’s top six work-friendly cafés that are ideal for remote workers like us based on factors such as general atmosphere, Wi-Fi speed, prices, seating options and food quality.

So before you sign up for one of the many expensive co-working spaces consider whether spending your days in one of these work-friendly Canggu Cafés where the coffee is good and the Wi-Fi is strong might be a better place to get some work done – including your ‘fair share of Canggu flair’ with its chic instagrammable food, those funky hipster vibes and, of course, those gorgeous rice paddy views.


Although Nook Café is technically not located IN Canggu we simply had to list this charming open-air Café in this post as it’s one of our favourite digital nomad cafés nearby Canggu and if you’re based in Canggu and have a scooter we highly recommend checking it out.

It is actually located in Umalas in a quiet area right between the busy areas of Seminyak and Canggu and therefore the perfect place if you want to escape the traffic madness and all the crowds to properly focus on your work while enjoying some stunning 360-degree panoramic views of lush rice fields as well as delicious Indonesian and Western dishes.

General Atmosphere: Bright and airy feel with a modern vibe and a beautiful tropical/bohemian decor. You have great views of the rice fields from pretty much everywhere in the restaurant and the atmosphere is super chilled and relaxed.

28k / Cappuccino (Iced coffee: 35k, Affogato 35k and a pot of Bali Coffee – 30k)
There are various seating options in different section available from wooden couches overlooking the rice fields to small and big tables with pillows that are perfect for co-working sessions with your digital nomad friends. If you find a seat with a power plug nearby you easily can spend hours here.
Nook offers great quality food and a big selection including tons of vegetarian dishes! We especially loved coming here for breakfast which btw is served until 2PM! You can also order from the Nalu Bowls Menu, they have a bar at the entrance.
No, there is unfortunately no free water.
No A/C, as it’s all outside seating but due to the layout and the fans there is always a nice breeze going.
Power Plugs are limited but there are a few available.
Prices are fair for the quality you get, good deals are the pot of Bali Coffee (30k), the Eggs Benedict (35k + add your prefered topping) and the delicious Smoothies.
Down: 2.42 Up: 3.85
Rating 

District Café

Located right next to Cinta Café you’ll find the hip and cool “District Café” which is not only a work-friendly Restaurant/Café in Canggu with some stunning rice paddy views but also a proper Co-working space.

On the ground floor you’ll find the full-service Restaurant and Bar which is open to everyone and on the 1st floor is the dedicated co-working space where you can sign up for hourly-/ daily and weekly passes as well as monthly memberships (from 1,650 000 IDR) giving you some perks such as strong fibreoptic Wi-Fi, 24hr access, proper office chairs + desks as well as A/C.

We’ve went twice to District Café using their downstairs Café/Restaurant for having some breakfast and getting some work done and were absolutely fine. If their open Wi-Fi would have been stronger we might have come back for a third time but instead went to Cinta Café next door when we were in that area.

General Athmosphere:
District Café has an urban feel with concrete walls layered with some funky wall art. It’s a very relaxed and chilled atmosphere with not too many people, friendly staff and cool house music playing all day. It also comes with great views of the rice fields which generally are the best digital nomad café feature when talking about the laptop-lifestyle in Canggu!

35k / Cappucino
The Downstairs Restaurant & Café is available to all guests (paying and non-paying members) with lots of wooden tables and chairs with pillows and a few high chairs + tables most of which offering stunning rice paddy views.
Good healthy breakfast options such as pancakes, porridge and bowls as well as local and well-priced dishes such as Cap Cay, Mie Goreng, Gado-Gado and Nasi Goreng starting from only 30k!
Yes! We’ve got plenty of free refills of a yummy dragonfruit infused water.
No A/C in the downstairs Café but it’s usually no big deal as the open-floor layout allows for a nice breeze and they also do have fans available. However maybe avoid the tables in the very back if the sun bothers you as you’ll be a bit exposed from around noon.
There aren’t many power plugs available but they do offer extension cables.
Prices for breakfast and coffee are generally a bit on the expensive side (breakfast dishes start at 60k) however they offer good lunch deals with Indonesian dishes starting from 30k. Free infused Water.
Generally among the weakest Wi-Fi’s we’ve tested and also limited to 2 hours. They do have stronger Wi-Fi on offer for their paying co-working guests with fibreoptic packages providing access to 45 Mbps dedicated line on all three levels of District Café.

Down: 4.82 Up: 4.95
Rating 

Cinta Café

Located right next to District Café, the cozy and chic Cinta Café seems to be an absolute digital nomad hot spot where you’ll find many people on their laptops enjoying their coffee and some rice field views while getting their work done.

General Atmosphere:
Cinta Café has a very open and airy layout, with a beautiful decor and rice field views at the back however as it’s very popular it can get crowded so make sure to arrive early.

30k / Cappuccino (Long Black 25k, Iced latte 35k and their signature “Coffee Spritz” – 40k)
You’ll find lots of small tables for two close to another so it’s best to get a table each if you arrive early enough to have enough space to put your laptop and food. There are also two big tables for (co-working-)groups or shared seating. Sitting on the side on the long couch is very comfortable and with plenty of pillows.
The food is delicious and of good quality with a good vegetarian selection. Absolutely loved the Pumpkin and Beetroot Bowl (60k) as well as their complete for 70k.
Yes – there is a glass bottle of cooled water on each table
No A/C but there are fans and a good breeze.
Yes, all seats along the wall have access to power plugs.
Generally, Cinta Café is a bit pricey but they offer a great breakfast deal for 70k that comes with a coffee of your choice, fresh juice and a dish of your choice from a special menu. However the breakfast deals are only available until 10am.
Good and strong Wi-Fi Down: 15.7 Up: 16.4
Rating 

Satu Satu Coffee Company

The lively Satu-Satu Coffee Company located in Berawa a bit away from all the central Canggu madness is another one of our favourite work-friendly cafés due to it’s inexpensive food and high quality coffee.

Satu-Satu Coffee has opened in honor of the Sudana family, who are well known in Bali for producing some of the islands finest quality coffee. The family owned coffee plantations have been operating since 1985 and have always focused on producing coffee the natural way and let us tell ya, the coffee is damn good!

General Atmosphere: Generally, Satu-Satu Coffee Company has a nice and chilled vibe with excellent food at very reasonable prices and a killer coffee on offer however it can get very crowded and loud which might not be ideal for longer laptop sessions.

25k / Cappuccino (Iced latte: 28k)
There is outside and inside seating available but be prepared to share your table at busy times.
The food and coffee served at Satu-Satu is good value for money. We loved their Smoothie bowls (50k) and Pancakes (25k) for breakfast. They also have a very good coffee selection using local beans.
Yes, you’ll get a glass of free water which they will refill if you ask nicely 🙂
No A/C which is why it might be better to go for the outside seating where you’ll have some fans and a breeze.
Outside there are no power plugs, inside they are very limited.
Good value for money and cheaper than similar restaurants in that area. No service charge and tax.
Down: 16.1 Up: 13.5
Rating 


The chic and relatively new Milu By Nook in Canggu is an extension of it’s well-known and from expats and digital nomads adored sister property Nook which we’ve mentioned earlier in this post.
It comes with the same great menu and unique boho style but is located right in the heart of Canggu nearby Cinta Café and District Café which are a bit further down the road.

General Atmosphere: Nice and cosy ambience and a beautiful interior boho style design and decor.

28k / Cappuccino (Latte 28k)
There is inside, outside and terrace seating available overlooking rice paddies. Chairs are comfortable and so seemed the couches outside.
Similar extensive menu as Nook with lots of healthy food options and many delicious breakfast dishes.
No free water
No A/C but there are plenty of fans inside and outside and a good breeze on the terrace.
Power plugs are available but limited.
It’s rather expensive but good quality.
Down: 38.4 Up: 36.4
Rating 

The Mocca

Another Café gem and work-friendly place right in the heart of Canggu is the lovely Mocca Café

serving not only great coffee and instagramable food but it also comes with a beautiful and lush garden as well as all the boho-chic and tropical flair a little wanderlust soul could ask for. From all the work-friendly Canggu cafés mentioned in this post, Mocca Café is probably our favourite.

General Atmosphere: We absolutely LOVE THIS PLACE and the whole open-air design, tropical and relaxed vibe as well as the gorgeous boho-style decor. There are 3 sections available for you to sit, enjoy a coffee and get some work done: the cozy and casual café downstairs, the airy and bright patio upstairs as well as the lush tropical garden.

We especially love sitting upstairs where you always get a nice breeze and gorgeous furniture and decor as well as the garden area providing lots of shade on a sunny day where you’ll feel like sitting/working in the jungle. #digitalnomaddreams

30k / Cappuccino (Flavoured lattes such as caramel latte or red velvet latte cost also 30K!)
Various seating options available – mostly wooden chairs and benches. Upstairs you’ll also have some seating with pillows which makes sitting for longer a bit more comfortable as well as big tables that are ideal for co-working sessions with your fellow digital nomad friends.
Very good quality food and always well presented. Our favourite are the breakfast dishes such as the French toast, the Eggs Benedict and the amazing Chia breakfast mugs.
Yes, you’ll get infused water with cucumbers and sometimes even strawberies which you can refill.
No A/C but there is a good breeze going everywhere as well as big fans for those hot, hot Canggu days.
Power plugs are available everywhere – even outside in the garden area – ideal for long laptop sessions.
Generally, Mocca Cafe is a bit pricier but you’ll get good quality food. Well priced flavoured lattes at 30k if that’s your thing (it surely is mine 😉 ).
Down: 4.98 Up: 3.86
Rating  – We simply love it here!!!

The following links are affiliate links as well, which means that if you book a stay through these links, we’ll get a small commission. Don’t worry–the price is still the same for you.

Where to stay in Canggu?

If you plan on staying longer in Canggu, Bali (like 1 month+) you easily can rent a private villa for your own or share one with your digital nomad friends. Expect to pay around 800 EUR – 1000 EUR for a 1 bedroom villa with pool.

For short-term stays we’d recommend staying in the center of Canggu where you can easily get to the beach as well as to your co-working space or one of the many central work-friendly cafés we’ve listed above.

Click here for all Canggu Hotel deals*!

The perfect place to do some sightseeing while also getting some work done is for example Villa Lovecho* which is located perfectly to explore Canggu on foot, with the beach only a 10 minutes walk away and one of our favourite work-friendly cafés – The Mocca Café – just around the corner. We stayed here twice already and always enjoyed our time.

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  • District Café
  • Cinta Café
  • NOOK
  • SATU SATU Coffee Co.
  • MILU by NOOK
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Where to stay in Canggu

For a shorter work-cation in Canggu we can recommend Villa Lovecho* which is not only in easy walking distance to the beach and all the shops and restaurants but also to our favourite work-friendly cafés for digital nomads.

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