One of the best ways to acquaint yourself with a new city is through its food and we love getting to know the various neighborhoods by hopping from restaurant to bar to street food stall 😊 That way you get to know the strangest and coolest places while never feeling hungry! FOOD & SIGHTSEEING – It’s the best of both worlds!

As the Thai cuisine is one of our favorites (if not THE favorite) we couldn’t wait combining our sightseeing with sampling all the various delicacies when we arrived in Bangkok.

As we only had a few days in the city and wanted to make the most of our time we decided to leave it up to the Pro’s this time to guide us to the best food Bangkok has to offer and joined the VILLAGE OF LOVE TOUR with TASTE OF THAILAND

This tour was absolutely ideal for us as it takes you through the beautiful Bang Rak neighborhood (also know as “Village of Love) where we were staying at the gorgeous Oriental Heritage Hotel. This area is known for its diverse mix of cultures living here together peacefully and hence a wide array of different cuisines on offer to entertain your taste buds.

DISCLAIMER: Our attendance on the Village of Love Food Tour with TASTE OF THAILAND was complimentary. All opinions are our own.


Sneak peek of our delicious morning with “Taste of Thailand”

The tour started at 10am from Saphan Taksin BTS station (close to the Central Pier in case you get here by boat). We were greeted by our friendly guide Jah! Together with a lovely American family we were off to get us some local breakfast snack right at the station: Barbecue pork and pumpkin!

Although most Westerners probably prefer their cereal or toast for breakfast, grilled pork is a very common morning snacks for the Thai and we’ve seen many locals grabbing some sticks fresh from the grill before heading up to the station.

Once you get past the thought of “isn’t it too early for grilled meat?” and actually take your first bite you are catapulted straight into food heaven! It was delicious!


The typical Thai breakfast snack: pork skewer on your way to work 🙂

Now we were hungry for more and happily followed Jah as she led us through narrow streets to our next stop – a local coffee & tea stall where we could taste the traditional Thai iced tea! Sweet, milky – yummylicious!


In between several more stops to taste traditional Chinese tea at a local shop and freshly fried banana from another highly frequented street food stall Jah shared lots of interesting facts about this neighborhood, the local life of the people living here as well as the different cuisines we were trying during this tour.

We also stopped at a Mosque, a local market to learn more about the exotic fruits of Thailand as well as a 100 year old curry paste shop – it was super informative and we learned so much while stuffing our bellies with all the goodies along the way.


Visiting a lot of local businesses

My personal favorite was the stop at a local dessert shop where we got to try 5 different little treats – I felt just like a child in the candy shop and would have loved to get myself another serving if it wasn’t for all the other food we already had and that was still to come.


The best course…the dessert 🙂

In addition to sampling the food from the various street food stall and shops in Bang Rak we also stopped at 3 different restaurants. YES – you heard me – 3 restaurant stops on top of aaaaall the different street food dishes.

Our fist stop was at a popular Chinese restaurant (which we would have NEVER found if it wasn’t for Jah!) serving egg noodles with their signature Chinese-Thai fusion duck, followed by a traditional, Thai restaurant which is very popular among the locals serving 3 typical Thai favorites (Papaya Salad, Basil Pork and an aromatic Lemongrass Salad) as well as our final stop at a secluded and very up-market Thai restaurant managed by descendants of the royal family where we ended our day with some delicious and smooth green curry and a serving of creamy coconut ice-cream. YAM!


From the common lunch spot to upper class royal cuisine, we had it all

In total this tour lasted around 4 hours during which we tasted 15 (!!) distinct local dishes while getting entertained by an awesome and knowledgeable guide, learning new things and having basically an absolutely delicious good time.

We can highly recommend the Village of Love Food Tour to anyone looking for a unique walking tour through a specific and very interesting neighborhood of Bangkok while sampling some of the best Thai food we’ve ever had.


More information about this tour: Village of Love Food Tour

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