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We are two lovebirds from Germany who lived and worked in London the past 6 years. We are both 30+ years old, not married, no children on the way which apparently makes us already this weird, crazy couple who simply DOES NOT fit the picture. Something must be wrong.

Suddenly  everyone seems to have an opion about what we need to do and how we should live our life which pretty much comes down to getting married, work like a maniac to secure eventually a nice pay check at the end of the month in order to save up a lot of money for buying a nice little house in the suburbs to start a family. 2 kids - preferably a boy and a girl. And maybe, just maybe, society will then open their arms again and welcome us as "one of them". Wouldn't that be nice?

However, I am quite sure that the ship for "making it all right again" has sailed on the 31st March 2016 - the day we decided to quit our jobs and use all the money we had left in the bank to go on a trip around the world!

Suck it society!


I guess it was a combination of pure wanderlust and being hungry for more than what society had planned for us.

Following our own dreams, figuring out what else there was to life than the ordinary 9-5 job (which often enough was more an 8 - open end job), a good pay check (which even if you manage to earn a nice little salary doesn't get you anywhere in a city like London) and the constant waiting for something. The day to be over to go home, the week to be done with for your weekend to start and the months to pass to go on this 2 week holiday that you so desperately needed.

Meanwhile time passes - quickly. A day, a week, a month, a year just gone in what seems like a blink of an eye. You don't even notice it as every day seems like the day before. Your highlights include watching your favourite TV show after a long day at work and going for a nice dinner on a Saturday night out. Suddenly you blow out the candles on your birthday cake again and ask yourself where the year has gone?

And you might even wonder: Is this all there was to life?

So let's go and find berit_martin_start out, shall we?

Come and join us on our adventure, let us inspire you, motivate you and challenge you to ask yourself whether there in fact IS more to life.

We will share the highs and lows of our trip, the good and bad stuff and everything in between that comes with it so that in the end you can judge whether it's us or society that needs a wake up call.

stay tuned...

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