What tech to pack for a trip around the world

When you decide to quit your job, pack your bags and leave your home to go on a trip around the world, you probably want to share your experiences of your travels and pictures of your adventures. It may be just the occasional e-mail with some pictures attached you want to send home to friends and family to let them know you are still okay.

Sometimes an e-mail is not enough and you need to call via Skype or WhatsApp. Or you are a social media junkie like we are and you like to upload your photos to Instagram, write a post on your travel blog or Facebook page, or even produce videos on your YouTube channel. So obviously you will need to pack laptops, smartphones and cameras as well as all the additional equipment that comes with these such as power banks, selfie stick, tripod as well as sd cards and external hard drives to store all your pictures and video shots.

Our “dessert office with a view” in monument valley

However, on the contrary we were pretty limited in regards to our luggage capacities and had to pack as light as possible. Tricky situation that’s for sure but 8 months in we know we packed the right equipment as we have used everything we packed several times on our trip so far. Check below for the tech we packed for our backpacking trip around the world.

If you want to get more detailed information on the products we list and prices we included the link to the respective Amazon UK website for you within the text. For our German readers you will find all the links to Amazon DE at the end of the post.

Here is our technical setup:

Berit’s tech goodie bag:



Since her old Sony laptop was a little bit too chunky to go on a trip with us, Berit got herself a new HP Pavilion x2 12″ Convertible shortly before leaving (Note: Only available on Amazon.de at the moment).

With its modern Core m3 CPU and 4GB of RAM it’s very powerful for its compact size. Although I was a bit sceptic at first, I’m now convinced that this thing is worth its money. Running on Windows 10 you can use it as laptop if you want to do get some work done or as a tablet for browsing the web and watching YouTube videos. It’s even powerful enough to do video editing e.g. for your Youtube channel.

However, as it only came with 128GB internal storage we upgraded to a total of 256 GB of storage by inserting another 128 GB micro SD card from SanDisk.

car-mirror-selfie-with-nikon-d5500-slrAs the photographer of our little group Berit definitely is picky when it comes to her camera and won’t settle for anything less than a well-reviewed SLR. Her Nikon D5500 doesn’t only offer a great picture quality, it also is one of the most compact SLR cameras on the market. With its build in Wi-Fi you can easily transfer pictures from your camera to your smartphone from where it easy to upload high quality pictures quickly to your social media networks.

After her old Samsung Galaxy S4 mini broke down (or did she break it intentinally?) we had to look for a new one while on the road. Luckily we were in Hong Kong at that time which is a real heaven for tech enthusiasts like me. I could have spend days browsing through the many stores but as our time was limited we had to decide quickly.

smartphone-glasses-tableAs we are pretty happy with Samsung phones (as long as it’s not the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which basically is the worst phone to have for travelling these days) we opted for the Samsung Galaxy C5 which isn’t officially available in Europe (We found it on Amazon, but only in gold and less internal memory). Actually we’ve only seen it in Hong Kong, which is strange as it has great features (such as 64GB internal storage) and a very cool design and style. It reminds me a bit of the iPhone6. Actually it was so popular in Hong Kong at that time that we had to go to 5 stores before finding one that had the phone still available.

Martins tech goodie bag

martin-with-laptopAlthough I would have loved to get a new laptop as well, I just packed my old Lenovo Flex 10 netbook because it’s very durable and extremely compact which seemed to be good features for taking the little fellow on a trip around the world. The only thing it needs is an upgrade of the old hard drive to a more powerful SSD, in my case the mighty Samsung 850 EVO 250GB. Now I can use it to write programs in Visual Studio, or Excel, and do some WordPress work online. With its touch enabled screen it’s also perfect for browsing the web. Just when it comes to video editing its lack of CPU recourses will begin to show. If I would need to replace it now, I would go for the much powerful but yet compact Lenovo Yoga 700 11″ Netbook.

When it comes to taking pictures, I’m a lost cause. I mostly leave it up to Berit and only like to have one for the occasional snap shot. So I just packed our small pocket camera, the Sony DSCWX500. Just like the SLR, this one also has built-in Wi-Fi which makes it the perfect smartphone camera replacement. Additionally, it boasts many features you can have a play with such as filters and various manual settings, so more than often Berit uses this camera as well.

selfie-in-carGenerally we always recommend having a decent compact camera with you on your travels. One that is light and easily fits in your pockets so that you can take it with you wherever you go. More than often it would have taken too long to unpack the SLR (if we even had it with us that day due to it’s extra weight) so we were happy to have the Canon for the quick selfie picture or snap shot.

I currently travel with the Sony Xperia XA Ultra which we also got in Hong Kong at a very great price. I personally love the big screen as well as the handling of that phone. As a special feature it allows two SIM cards plus an additional micro SD card whereas most phones only allow 2 SIM cards OR 1 SIM card and the extra micro SD card. This is especially useful when you are in a foreign country where you’ll get a second SIM card from the local provider to use mobile internet but still want to be able to access your first SIM CARD to keep your number for e.g. messaging and receiving calls. Who is calling me you might ask? Well just think about your local Bank trying to reach you for issues with your credit card, we had this happen at least 3 times already. You don’t want to miss this call as your cards will be blocked!

Two laptops, cameras and mobile phones – that’s all?

Haha, well I wish but unfortunately that’s just the beginning! Of course there is much more equipment needed to keep everything going, think adaptors, chargers, storage devices and so on. It really piles up! If you travel to several countries it’s best to use a world travel adaptor.

power-adaptor-chaosHowever as this only allows you to charge one device at a time I’m really glad I packed an additional small 3-way power plug. We stayed in a lot of hotels which had just a very limited amount of power sockets in their rooms. With this plug and only one adaptor we were still able to charge all our gear at once. It just looks a bit funny.

Additionally, we have our phone and laptop chargers as well as three power banks. For example this one we use when there isn’t the option to quickly charge your phone in between (think about camping trips, remote island stays or days where you move locations and spend a lot of your time in busses or waiting areas). Also we carry around two external hard drives to back-up our photos and videos as well as a USB hub which proved to be super useful when you only have one USB port on your laptop but want to e.g. transfer pictures from your SD card to your external flash drive.


If you want to get more information on each of the products we use and the exact prices I’ve compiled a list of affiliate links to the particular product pages on Amazon.de as well as Amazon.co.uk below. Of course if you have any question regarding our equipment you can also contact us directly by leaving a comment below this post.



What equipment are you taking with you? What is your number one item you cannot go without?

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product through these links, we’ll get a commission. Don’t worry–the price is still the same for you.

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